Tuesday, 27 March 2012

This Weekend part 2

This weekend was rounded out by the finale to the current series of Being Human, the only show I'm currently watching. With a major cast overhaul, this was always going to be a make or break season and astonishingly, its the best one yet.

I liked original werewolf, nice guy George , and original vampire, broody Mitchell, and thought they'd be hard to replace. Within an episode or two of this season, they were distant memories as the newbies proved to be far more interesting. Looking back at them now, Mitchell was a git but George still holds up well.

New vampire-slaying werewolf Tom is surprisingly likable. Played by the brother of Misfits' gobshite Kelly, he's far more likable and sympathetic as the naive and sheltered Tom ("Virginity's like a flower...you don't pluck it for just anyone..."). Balancing Tom's open nature is Hal, the OCD vampire who uses his rituals and ordering systems as a way of combating his addiction to blood. Moment's such as Kirby's hilarious celebration dance, Tom's geeky pseudo girlfriend and Hal's cack-handed response to flirtation ("If the goalie's here, the defender's here and the striker's here, is this off side or not?" "....Sorry...I don't watch the rugby...") really helped elevate this series.

It wasn't perfect: the Warchild prophecy was a bit vague and the post apocalyptic future looked less terrible and just a bit overcast really. The show really broke the show, don't tell rule, exposing its limited budget. That could have led to an effective, creative way to show the future on a budget but led instead to some clouds.

The last episode really redeemed these minor points though with a great turn from Mark Gattiss as villainous vampire lord Mr Snow, a dilemma about whether to kill or not and a bittersweet but triumphant exit for one cast member that leads to further changes for the next season.

Damning with faint praise perhaps, but Being Human is the best show on BBC3 that's satisfying as comedy, drama and supernatural entertainment. Roll on season five...

Monday, 26 March 2012

This Weekend part 1

I really really wanted to get cracking on with my second page of TMSAV this weekend...but I was really rundown last week, scarily so actually, so decided to take it easy this weekend. I felt ok and actually put pen to paper and managed to complete the pieces above. Never got round to colouring Medusa (or the previously posted Phoenix) or colouring the Polaris in more depth.

I'm really happy with the Skizz at the top and thought I'd adapt my recent Power Girl to sport the revised DCNu costume. I quite like this version: the white piping adds a nice regal feel (though it reminds me of a Perez Wasp costume from around Avengers #198 or so) but still not sure about the P emblem. The red area on the chest works ok but the emblem needs adjusting about, though a P isn't the best looking letter to work with.

At some point, I shall post coloured versions of Medusa and Phoenix...

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Bits n Bobs

Various pieces in various stages...

Saturday, 10 March 2012


Struggling a bit at the minute, so here's some comparisons showing different stages of artwork...

Monday, 5 March 2012

Weekend Wimmen


When I was a kid, I learned to draw from copying comics, mainly drawing superheroes over and over. It wasn't until I started drawing The Jock that I thought I really should try to improve on my female characters, which I'd pretty much neglected.

Years later, I rarely draw male characters (in fact, I feel I need to focus more on them as I'm getting out of practice). While I enjoy drawing female characters, I also enjoy other stuff too...but this weekend I seem to have drawn nothing but women.

OK, I did manage to squeeze in a logo design for the local authority and pencilled two pages of Too Much Sex And Violence #4...but even those project featured laydeez. Stuck for choice over at TAB, I went with a Tank Girl over a Judge Dredd (fancied the graphicy style), started two superheroines (oh yeah: I like the clean line effect on heroines so have drawn up a list of Marvel and DC female characters I want to draw in this style, hopefully getting them "right"...so again, fighting myself, which is why my Comicspace name is conflictedartist!), doodled another warmup sketch for my own project and finished the linework for a commission..again, featuring a lady.

I'm not complaining about the choices but I hope the characters aren't gratuitous and have some personality/charm...