Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Random Stuff



I've been drawing my arse off lately and not a whole lot to show for it but some is coming together. As well as completing a 5 pager and a crudely animated sequence to go on Youtube, I've had various other projects so last weekend, I took a breather and just chilled, doing stuff for myself.

That mainly included starting some pencilled pieces for myself to ink and finishing off a few other pieces. Results are mixed at best. Some have come out nice: unless I cock the inking up, I am fairly hopeful for two pieces, I started a really nice Jim Morrison then ran out of space for the top of his hair so will probably have to ccomp in hair as I don't think I can recreate the likeness achieved so far: sometimes you can't recapture that spark.

Other pieces failed: a Kate Beckinsale was nice in pencils, ok in inks but not good in colour. Similarly, a Clint Eastwood was nice in pencils but went all kinds of wrong in the inks. Still, I really liked the Gulacyesque image so may give it a second bash and tighten up on that likeness. These won't be posted, neither will a few other bits pottering away in the background.

Above are a few examples I can show: the eggs were created for the afore mentioned animation project but it was suggested I might want to copyright them. I doubt I'll ever use them but you never know, so these are the Eggsplosions. The Little Red Riding Hood turned out okay and Jeremy's Piles was a rejected Viz submission...they choose not to run it (I've never been a huge buyer so have since been told it may be too similar to a strip called Nobby's Piles which I assume runs on the same line) but they said the quality was very good and they would be happy to look at anything else.

As a result, I have another one-pager in the works but also need to return my focus to the four pages I have to do for TMSAV. I've thumbnailed the story twice though and while perfectly clear storytelling, want to tighten it up a bit.

So anyway, pics above then...

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Latest Stuff

Updating the blog has become less frequent hassles, time demands and any other number of things have led to me blogging less and I wonder if I should just call it a day. While I ponder that, here's some stuff I've been working on in the background that have just been completed fairly closely together.

This is actually the best Cyclops I think I've drawn (for another website) and originally I was going to drop in all the different costumes in the background still I realised that looked too busy so I decided to add Jean and Emma as backdrops. rather than just draw part of their figures, I drew them whole and then trimmed off the unnecessary parts...though it does look like Cyke's trying to cop a feel! Valkrie (as with Jean and Emma) is an experiment in drawing at a larger A3ish scale, Dr Strange is an old one with a new cape and backdrop and the eggs are a frame from a corporate animation we're working on at work...