Monday, 26 July 2010

Buh Buh Buh Buh BB!!!

Starting from the bottom:
Abin Sur's dead body from the Green Lantern movie!
The Infinity Gauntlet (woddafug?!) from the Thor movie!
And at long last, the Blue Beetle test footage is revealed as being for an episode of Small ville featuring Blue Beetle and Booster Gold! Yes, it's Reyes but Ted may still make an appearance, JLI aye aye!!!! :)
Me happy!

Sunday, 25 July 2010

A Quick Tip Of The Hat

At long last, Marvel have revealed Thor's helmet. Looks pretty decent and even if it's only in one scene, at least Thor will look more authentic now...

Friday, 16 July 2010

Screen Day Bews

Well, while we lost Ed Norton as Bruce Banner (shame, as he was good) and we're all still in the dark about which villain Kevin Bacon will be playing in X-Men: First Class (Mr Sinister? Baron Strucker? Trask?), three other comic-related screen adaptations threw up a few pics this week...

Thor and Odin weren't much of a surprise, as we'd already seen them, though I like the Kirbyish (but not Kirbyesque) armour Odin wears, which also features the metal circles Thor also wears: a good way of crrying on the motif into a familial or cultural design element. The backdrop doesn't reveal much, though the shots of Heimdall at the gates of Asgard look promising. The biggest new image here then was Loki: again, the Asgardian armour works ok and the gold and green colour scheme reflect the character's roots, while the actor looks pretty close to the character.

Despite being converted into 3D in post-production (as with the Clash of the Titans remake) and not actually filmed in 3D (as Avatar was and Cap America will be), I'm still intrigued by the Thor movie, even though I'll need at least one appearance of his winged helmet to make me truly accepting...

Next up is Green Lantern. Hmmm. I like that the general design is faithful to the original Hal Jordan costume but as with the Superman Returns outfit, I'm not sure all the faffing around is required. All the lines make him look like he's wearing a very tight sweater or if he's had all his skin flayed away to reveal his green flesh and muscles underneath. Kinda looks like the old Pacer mint chews too. I'm reserving judgement as I'm actually looking forward to this movie more than Thor and Captain America...

Finally, we have the WAlking Dead. It's hard to go too far wrong with a cast of ordinary people rather than iconically-designed characters but this still looks pretty good. Andrew Lincoln looks gret as Rick (though I'll have to see if I can get used to his accent...I couldn't get past Hugh Laurie's accent in House -not that it was bad, I was just conscious it was him "doing a voice" and I couldn't accept him in the role- but now that I've had a few episodes on in the background, I've got used to it and now can see the scathing humour in the charcter and show, wishing I'd have watched it regularly instead of giving up after the first episode (though I'd only be screaming at Sky for nicking it now!).

>>>Yes, I KNOW that was a bloody sentence, but you should be reading it in your head not aloud so you should hopefully not be hyperventilating...<<<

I hope I don't have that hurdle to cross when/if the show makes it over here. The zombies look pretty good and some of the characters above are pretty identifiable, which is of the drawbacks to the black and white characters is that I sometimes forget who is who, especially the females as the male characters are more distinctive. Again, fingers crossed for this...

Now, I'm off to run to the loo again as I'm off work ill and I'm bout to have an episode...