Saturday, 9 November 2013

Work Load 1.5

Following the last post, I had some time to while away in a London pub yesterday while I waited for a couple of good pals to arrive so I got caught up on the two animated-style requests, the Blue Beetle to go with the Booster and even an Iron Fist to go with the Luke Cage request. I finished the Ghost Rider bike this morning and coloured the whole lot today. Nothing special, but fun pieces and something a bit different...

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Work Load

Last Wednesday, I was asked if I could do a few drawings for a presentation at work this week. Well, that turned out to be 22 caricatures of staff and managers dressed as superheroes appropriate to their personalities. As I was out all three remaining nights last week, that meant I had to cram them all in over the weekend. As well as drawing them, they all needed colouring and lettering too so the only way I could possibly manage it was by going animated style. This meant less rendering and easier colouring (all done with the paint bucket tool).

I didn't want to "waste" all that work so I drew them with the original character heads then shopped in the staff caricature heads. Some turned out really well, others (mostly the women for some reason) less so but here's a look at some of my favourites with a final version (less text) for comparison.

I have a Blue Beetle/Booster Gold pic on my list of illos to do but I think I may just do a Beetle to go with this Booster anyway.

These seem to have been popular, got a laugh, a round of applause, a request for a tweaked version of one pic for the individual's own use and a request from somebody else to be turned into a hero. My Saturday evening's already booked out but now I think I know what I'll be doing Saturday morning!