Saturday, 30 June 2012

Yesterdaze UPDATED

Here's what I inked up yesterday: the face is supposed to be Erica Durance and I had todraw and paste in a new set of eyes as for some reason I couldn't put my fingers on, the original ones were just wrong. Poor likeness, crap picture. More happy with the other one, which was taken from a Kristen Bell pic (look, I was in a rush and had to google something as I hadn't the time to properly draw, what with mistakes, changing bits, etc).

Like Erica, I still can't seem to get a decent K Bell pic done but I'm actually very happy with this one, not a bad likeness either (you can't tell who it is, but it "feels" close to me!) considering the hassle I had with previous attempts. Women's likenesses (in line drawing anyway) are hard to get right as you want to leave them as render-free as possible to keep the drawn features attractive but this is in my "acceptable" stack of work :)

Been restless today and can't chill out as I intended so have rejigged two recent pix as above), with probably the Mucha type lady to follow soon...

Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Here's the Judge Dredd done for TAB: went for a Bolland vibe and the figure is..okay, but I wish I'd done a hand drawn "I Am The Law! backdrop as this one's a bit sucky...

Monday, 25 June 2012

Howta Leia Negg

Thankfully didn't have too much time to ink today, meaning I still have at least three things to ink the rest of this week so here's coloured versions of a piece from last week and Princess Leia with a lighsabre, inked today...I also removed those stupid buns from the side of her head (Carrie Fisher was really pretty but saddled with stupid hairdos all throughout the Star Wars movies!)

Sunday, 24 June 2012

What I'll Be Doink This Week

Spent yesterday reading the new Antares volume and the final volume of Marvel's adaptation of The Stand (ooh, i hope the mentioned Salem's Lot adaptation comes out!) but spent a few hours pencilling while watching the regular Sunday morning Cheers marathon.

I rifled through my reference files (chucking large swathes out) and just picked a few images to quickly work from (I'll be inking to while the time away so wasn't in the mood to do heavy duty original "proper" drawing much as I needed to get as much pencilled asap for this week). The Dredd is for this week's TAB thread and the only ref used was for the costume details, based on Bolland's version, my favourite incarnation.

So, here's all the stuff I plan on inking this week, though maybe not the Robby the Robot redesign as I can't figure out how to attach the legs to the hips and need to work through some of the other details...

Friday, 22 June 2012


Here's the rest of this week's stuff produced while my days are being, um, interesting. Not proud of these, either in execution, inspiration or result but I had limited time and resources but hours to while away inking so from the top:

Jennifer Lawrence from X-Men: First Class and the Hunger Games (taken from a pic in Hello, it was all that was at hand!)

Another attempt at a modern take on Mucha, (the dress design and general figure is mine but I was inspired by another Hello photoshoot that had a dress that served as reference for the lower half)

Cheryl Tweedy/Cole, again taken from whatever was lying around: obviously added the Mucha flower ring and the likeness is next to none, but may colour this one day as it'd be a quick job :)

Sheldon from the Big Bang: replaced my first attempt at a sound effect piece for the TAB, this was taken from DVD art but still can't excuse the poor likeness...

Finally, two sketches that I ultimately rejected, erased and replaced with some of the above: the Hulk was originally going to be a SMASH sound effect (I'm obviously rusty at superheroes and didn't feel this was working) and another piece modelled on Cheryl Tweedy from the copy of Hello but with a new face/hairdo, rejected as it was an awkward design for an illo...

Think I will be scratching my head thinking of things to pencil this weekend in preparation for inking next week...

Tuesday, 19 June 2012


For the next two weeks, my days will not be free but I may have the opportunity to pass some time idly. I can't take the time to draw anything like sequential stuff but I may be able to do some random illo work.

Last night in preparation for today, I quickly sketched out a jaguar (taken from this year's calendar, which is wildlife) and this morning I quickly sketched out a woman: I was in a rush and had no time to prepare so I quickly copied this off a Sarah Jessica Horseface pic (which I keep for drapery reference). (Actually, I started pencilling a Spirit for this week's TAB but it wasn't working out well and time constraints meant I had no time to fart about correcting it or drawing anything else original).

Anyways, here's a jaguar and a former centaur made pretty...

Friday, 15 June 2012

Look Wot I (Mer) Made

Things have got pretty mental around here so I've had to take a few days off work to relieve pressure/stress. I'd already committed myself to setting a pubquiz last night (which went down well) but I found myself scrambling for something to do for half an hour at the pub so I returned to the semi-pencilled first version of a sci fi take on The Lttle Mermaid, which I did a while back for TAB. It was quite nice to ink it up with a cider and I coloured it today.

I'll post it here, may be a while till anything else gets posted because of said problems above...

Sunday, 10 June 2012

This Weekend

Hit a hiccup this weekend so a bit unsettled, managed to produce the Barbarella pic below for TAB and cracked open the hardcover Johnny Comet collection by Frank Frazetta, which has been on my read pile for over a year now. I can see why the strip never caught on as the strips are written very basically but the art is gorgeous. Beautiful women, sleek cars, sinewy heroes: all beautifully illustrated (I can see similarities to other artists such as Frazetta's EC buddies Wally Wood and Al Williamson, as well as later artists like Sandy Plunkett, Mark Schultz and Dave Stevens).

From that book, I've attached Frazetta's first page for his own 50s adventure Sunday strip: which was rejected! This lo res scan does no justice to one of the most beautifully designed and executed pages I've ever seen, absolutely no need for dialogue...

Friday, 8 June 2012

Life In The Fast Lane

Over at Project Rooftop, they ran a call for depictions of Lois Lane. Mine was previously posted here and I'd say ranks in the fourth quarter of entries. Slightly corrected version of one of my two Loises (?) below but click on a the link below to see all the entries:

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

More Quick Art

Had four days off, happily avoided EVERYTHING to do with the jubilee and managed to get through almost my entire list of things to do (housework and setting questions for the pubquiz now wait till the weekend!) but here's some random stuff done recently...