Friday, 22 June 2012


Here's the rest of this week's stuff produced while my days are being, um, interesting. Not proud of these, either in execution, inspiration or result but I had limited time and resources but hours to while away inking so from the top:

Jennifer Lawrence from X-Men: First Class and the Hunger Games (taken from a pic in Hello, it was all that was at hand!)

Another attempt at a modern take on Mucha, (the dress design and general figure is mine but I was inspired by another Hello photoshoot that had a dress that served as reference for the lower half)

Cheryl Tweedy/Cole, again taken from whatever was lying around: obviously added the Mucha flower ring and the likeness is next to none, but may colour this one day as it'd be a quick job :)

Sheldon from the Big Bang: replaced my first attempt at a sound effect piece for the TAB, this was taken from DVD art but still can't excuse the poor likeness...

Finally, two sketches that I ultimately rejected, erased and replaced with some of the above: the Hulk was originally going to be a SMASH sound effect (I'm obviously rusty at superheroes and didn't feel this was working) and another piece modelled on Cheryl Tweedy from the copy of Hello but with a new face/hairdo, rejected as it was an awkward design for an illo...

Think I will be scratching my head thinking of things to pencil this weekend in preparation for inking next week...

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