Saturday, 30 June 2012

Yesterdaze UPDATED

Here's what I inked up yesterday: the face is supposed to be Erica Durance and I had todraw and paste in a new set of eyes as for some reason I couldn't put my fingers on, the original ones were just wrong. Poor likeness, crap picture. More happy with the other one, which was taken from a Kristen Bell pic (look, I was in a rush and had to google something as I hadn't the time to properly draw, what with mistakes, changing bits, etc).

Like Erica, I still can't seem to get a decent K Bell pic done but I'm actually very happy with this one, not a bad likeness either (you can't tell who it is, but it "feels" close to me!) considering the hassle I had with previous attempts. Women's likenesses (in line drawing anyway) are hard to get right as you want to leave them as render-free as possible to keep the drawn features attractive but this is in my "acceptable" stack of work :)

Been restless today and can't chill out as I intended so have rejigged two recent pix as above), with probably the Mucha type lady to follow soon...

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