Saturday, 29 September 2012


Humpf, am a bit drawing-knackered now...

As well as slowly plugging away with my own bits and bobs, have been roped in to do some illos for work. The drawing's OK but colouring in Photoshop takes me an age and is never quick, even with flat colours. Tomorrow, I shall take a rest but for now here's some stuff done recently...

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Who Dat Azwell?

Following the previous post, examples of my mucking about with markers yesterday...think I can use them ok but need a better range of shades and colours...the full colour Matt Smith was coloured over the original in Photoshop...

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Who Dat?


Been chugging away, got less than ten heroines left to tick off my list (more are completed but not coloured yet) then I can move on to other drawings at last...think I've got used to the clean line stuff so experimented a bit with markers on this Matt Smith pic...

Monday, 17 September 2012


Been busy the past few weeks with one thing or another but in between a few trips out to sort my mum's laptop connection for her and wotnot, still managed to complete these character pix this weekend...had no time to colour them yet but they will be posted once done as I'm maybe 12 characters away from completing this set of heroines...

Wednesday, 12 September 2012


So, saw Dredd 3D last night.

First up, not the hugest 2000AD fan: i visited the offices and had a review from editor Steve MacManus in the early 90s, looking through original art and seeing the production office but I grew up reading Marvel and Dc rather than British comics. I do like Dredd as a character though and love the visuals.

As to the Stallone version: I think it's almost a good movie. Great production values, an accurate Megacity, solid plot...oh, but Stallone. From his opening posturing cry of "I! Am DELORE!" through his pansy costume, face reveals, pining for family and insipid "I knew you were going to say that" catchphrase, he stinks up the movie and pretty much kills it dredd, um dead.

So, Karl Urban: spot on performance. He doesn't ham it up but plays Dredd's seething rage with an icy coolness and is totally convincing as the hardass we all know, not invulnerable but all the more powerful for being more dedicated. Anderson isn't quite the character we all know but is similar to the early Cassandra and exhibits her psychic abilities in a well handled balance. Mama is also played without the usual movie villain OTT shenanigans, Lena Headey playing her as almost an ordinary average person...who happens to control a huge criminal empire.

The streets and sets are closer to our world than the original movie's but feel all the more real, decayed and oppressive as a result. The film does have that added air of verisimilitude as a result, boosted by moody lighting and some pretty decent and beautiful (despite their violence) 3D effects.

But much as the comics often do, the movie fails with its story. Within ten minutes, Dredd and Anderson are trapped in a 200 story block and have to ascend to the top via a gauntlet of numerous armed criminals in order to take down Mama. that's it. No subplot, deviation or deeper meaning. No real character development or emotional moments, no memorable set pieces or scenes (despite the good effects), no moments that sing and lift the movie into something memorable.

Sunday, 9 September 2012


Only got a few minutes as been typing stuff up after various discussions in the pub last night and have to shoot out in about twenty minutes!

From the top:

Reworked Dirty Harry from the Weekly Themed Art Blog
Finally done  a decent Erica Durance but still struggling with Barbarella, both from my lunchtime inking...
Redid Clea completely as the previous sketch was reworked into Dagger...
Slight tweaks to this Erica Durance means it works a hell of a lot better for me now..
Captain Kirk and variations of Mace Windu
Caroline Munro (done from screen pauses while watching Captain was fun but sadly dated)
Troia, actually a reworked version of a recent Wonder Girl I've yet to colour and post...and I've just realised that I think Troia has silver armbands too, d'oh! Shoulda used reference!