Sunday, 18 November 2012

Recent Stuff

I'm trying to focus on comic strips again at the moment but got nothing done this weekend as had a few other bits to do. Anyway, here's a few recent stuff and the footballers weren't my choice of subject matter!

Monday, 5 November 2012



With the announcement of TMSAV #4 shipping off to the printers, I've dug out the various strips I'm supposed to be working on. I've reviewed post as far back as the end of May and despite a few OK entries (Wonder Girl, maybe Elastigirl...) there are precious few I'm happy with (though I'm happier with the larger size versions rather than the previews in the blog posts). I've selected the only ones I consider decent, with my favourite (the Kristen Bell) really annoying me as it was done from ref really quickly while ill and it came out pretty damn good and usually I struggle to get anywhere near as good results, sod it!

It's my own fault...I've been pissing about bashing out quick illos, fun to do but with less than satisfying results. I've been rushing them out and not spending the required time on them. I've been placing time pressure on myself: piddle about with filling my "face book", get the TAB posts done over a weekend, whittling down my superheroine list (now with only ten entries to go)N

This ends now. I'll refocus on doing decent work rather than just hacking it out and most importantly, I'll return to comic work. I have a 5 pager and TMSAV #5 to do, as well as three other projects I'd like to get done. I'm looking forward to doing these..the only obstacle is the dark nights mean drawing under overhead light and the shadows limit I can do during the week so my weekends will be my time to draw.

Let's hope time pressures don't stuff me up again...