Sunday, 9 September 2012


Only got a few minutes as been typing stuff up after various discussions in the pub last night and have to shoot out in about twenty minutes!

From the top:

Reworked Dirty Harry from the Weekly Themed Art Blog
Finally done  a decent Erica Durance but still struggling with Barbarella, both from my lunchtime inking...
Redid Clea completely as the previous sketch was reworked into Dagger...
Slight tweaks to this Erica Durance means it works a hell of a lot better for me now..
Captain Kirk and variations of Mace Windu
Caroline Munro (done from screen pauses while watching Captain was fun but sadly dated)
Troia, actually a reworked version of a recent Wonder Girl I've yet to colour and post...and I've just realised that I think Troia has silver armbands too, d'oh! Shoulda used reference!

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Rol said...

Like... the... Kirk...

Bytheway,there'saparcel heading... your... way.

(To be read in your best Shatner.)