Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Above are the results of my likeness practising, some more successful than others. Also trying different styles and tools a bit...some pencil and colour pencils pieces next I think, if I can select any decent refs. Fancy a Samuel L Jackson but my refs are too small to get a decent likeness from.

Anyway, above are Lex Luthor...the left one is inked with a Pitt marker and I don't really have a steady enough hand to pull off smooth lines. This is also a problem when inking the thicker hairlines in some of the other pieces.

I won't name the faces in the next pieces as I hope they're strong enough to be able to tell who they are (mostly) but the bottom ones are dismal attempts at Barbarella and Erica Durance, who I just can't seem to get the hang of, dammit. I blame poor ref for the Barbarella and me for the Erica, new attempts to follow.

Rounding out the page, that quickly tweaked Elastigirl...shifted her right arm and dropped in a new face (actually from another drawing!) and voila, I can stand to look at this now. Quick n easy save via Photoshop!

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