Sunday, 10 June 2012

This Weekend

Hit a hiccup this weekend so a bit unsettled, managed to produce the Barbarella pic below for TAB and cracked open the hardcover Johnny Comet collection by Frank Frazetta, which has been on my read pile for over a year now. I can see why the strip never caught on as the strips are written very basically but the art is gorgeous. Beautiful women, sleek cars, sinewy heroes: all beautifully illustrated (I can see similarities to other artists such as Frazetta's EC buddies Wally Wood and Al Williamson, as well as later artists like Sandy Plunkett, Mark Schultz and Dave Stevens).

From that book, I've attached Frazetta's first page for his own 50s adventure Sunday strip: which was rejected! This lo res scan does no justice to one of the most beautifully designed and executed pages I've ever seen, absolutely no need for dialogue...

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