Sunday, 24 June 2012

What I'll Be Doink This Week

Spent yesterday reading the new Antares volume and the final volume of Marvel's adaptation of The Stand (ooh, i hope the mentioned Salem's Lot adaptation comes out!) but spent a few hours pencilling while watching the regular Sunday morning Cheers marathon.

I rifled through my reference files (chucking large swathes out) and just picked a few images to quickly work from (I'll be inking to while the time away so wasn't in the mood to do heavy duty original "proper" drawing much as I needed to get as much pencilled asap for this week). The Dredd is for this week's TAB thread and the only ref used was for the costume details, based on Bolland's version, my favourite incarnation.

So, here's all the stuff I plan on inking this week, though maybe not the Robby the Robot redesign as I can't figure out how to attach the legs to the hips and need to work through some of the other details...

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Tone said...

Looks nice. Relieved there's no more Cheryl Cole, was beginning to worry..