Monday, 26 July 2010

Buh Buh Buh Buh BB!!!

Starting from the bottom:
Abin Sur's dead body from the Green Lantern movie!
The Infinity Gauntlet (woddafug?!) from the Thor movie!
And at long last, the Blue Beetle test footage is revealed as being for an episode of Small ville featuring Blue Beetle and Booster Gold! Yes, it's Reyes but Ted may still make an appearance, JLI aye aye!!!! :)
Me happy!


Rol said...

Why exactly is the Infinity Gauntlet in Thor?

That Blue Beetle doesn't do it for me, I'm afraid. I can understand the excitement over having Blue and Gold show up in Smallville - but unless it's Ted & Mike, it's not really B&G to me.

Nige Lowrey said...

Same here...but still, it's Blue and Gold again! :)