Thursday, 24 April 2008

Whatever happened to all the Shakespearoes?

Well, with my TV reception still as dead as Jean Grey (hoping to make a triumphant return to life next week when the Sky engineer arrives next Thursday---probably to unearth another ton of problems), I've managed to clear all my outstanding Steve Rude issues and have started on the Wood/Williamson sci-fi ECs. Once these are done, I should have no real obstacle to becoming more productive. In fact, I've taken this opportunity to get back to some drawing and have found myself enjoying it again (rather than rushing through stuff like the Smallville attempt).

Attached below is the work in progress, a Heroes pic. Originally I'd intended to just draw my favourite characters (Hiro, Ando, Claire, Parkman, Sylar and HRG) but that's half the cast already so I bunged the whole lot in (even though that means I have to draw DL, who I have an irrational hatred for, and Micah, who I don't hate but suffers from a gimpy face). I've already drawn HRG twice here, and the eyes still need looking at, and Hiro will be replaced by a head shot as it's too awkward to get a decent figure in the space available. Ando will also be added (as will possibly the Haitian) and Claire's jumper needs detailing. Once all that's done, it's inks, shading and PC colouring. I'm gonna try not to rush this and hopefully get a nice result, but we shall see...

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Tone said...

I wish I could swim. Like dolphins. Like dolphins can swim.

Looks mighty nice (and reasonably finished pencil wise) from that teeny tiny pic.

Dunno what the Beeb are playing at moving Heroes to Thursdays. Don't they know the weekend starts here?