Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Making The Best Of A Bad Situation

Yesterday I started working on some pages of pencil samples, settling on Spider-Man vs Electro. However, after a poor but serviceable first two panels, things went to ruin with the third panel and I gave up while I tried to figure out what else to draw.

Got up this morning set to start again when the council turned up to fix my living room window...which is about a foot away from where I draw. Needless to say, lost another morning to that but decided to use the afternoon to draw a replacement panel for the Jock #2. As discussed over a few drinks this weekend, it wasn't so much the art as the unimaginative park I designed for the panel that bugged me. Even though it was pointed out that bugs me but not the reader as it establishes the fact that this is in a park, I knew I'd inevitably redraw it.

As a result, here are the two versions of the panel. I think the original is more obviously a park than the second but the latter keeps Johnny in the shadows more and keeps the group within the trees more, as Rol's script asked for.

Hopefully back to drawing properly tomorrow but already I know my sister's bringing my nephew around so I'm bound to have my time eaten...


Tone said...

I preferred the first park. Could you redraw that one again instead? ;-)

dave said...

I preferred the first ine too, i thought the art was better, the two pictures look like they're different times of day. Sometimes you just gotta step back and say it's fit for purpose it's done

You often use the word anal in my company, I just thought you were getting a bit frisky and forward ;-p

Nige Lowrey said...

I still say the new pic is alot better in every way, although if you split the original straight down the middle, it's only the left half (with the boring lawn and dodgy perpective)that really bugs me. I could have saved a whole lot of work if I'd have thought to simply redraw that side of the panel but my favour still lies with the new pic.