Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Anyone For Scribbles?

Well, pretty good weekend...as well as kicking back a bit and catching up on some reading, still managed to get quite a bit of art done and I received a cheque for my upcoming Back Issue article. Being tied up today meant I got caught up on inking the final page of Silver two days ahead of schedule. I managed to complete the line art for the cover to Pjang #3 and was a bit unsure about it but Rol likes it so I'll colour that asap. I won't post that here as that's his to reveal so I thought I'd post some other bits I've done this weekend...

Asbo Adam has morphed into Asbo Avenger but the bug has spread around the office. Above is the original version of a superheroine version of one of the officers (she didn't like the face or the cape, leading to the much better disco version posted previously) as well as two versions of another officer. She asked for the manga version but when I pointed out that manga characters just look like manga characters rather than bearing any resemblance to actual people, she decided she wanted a superhero version too. The detective is for a (non-work) project with yet another officer and the top picture is of a colleague in our section. She wanted a picture but a "nice one", hence a fairly straightforward depiction. I actually quite like this..it's not a spot on likeness but is close enough to be recognisable, I suppose. She's very pretty in real life so I've probably not done her justice but as a drawing, I quite like it.

Coming soon, a post using an idea nicked from Dave (who I always suspected was making it up about Bar-nolds-wick but now I'm sure when I heard Barnolds-wick being discussed on telly...much like Slawit...)


dave said...

Its BAR-lick mate. BARRRRR-lick

Some nice stuff there, and see what you mean about manga likenesses

Rol said...

You must post whenever I'm away from the computer, I always miss your new posts. Like the work here - I kinda thought you were glamming up your colleagues, so I'm surprised to read that you aren't sure you've done them justice.