Monday, 20 July 2009

Oni Me!

Recently Oni Comics announced an artist talent search for the convention season Stateside but they are also accepted postal submissions. Supplying three five-page scripts, the only guide is that at least one strip must be included so even though the deadline's mid-August, I thought I can easily get five pages done so I'm considering submitting some work.

Each of the three strips present their own challenge. One is a Western and I have enough reference from my old Wolf Who Thunders research to be able to make a pass but it's still a daunting thing to do a historical strip. The second strip was an espionage strip that not only involved a double-page spread (which I've never done before so I'm unsure how the bleeds/gutters work on those at this point) but some late 1980s references: as my phoneline's been disconnected for a week or so, that put online referencing out of the way so I chose the last strip.

So far, this has been fairly straightforward (there's a main panel on the last page that I'm leaving till last as it's gonna be tricky) but I'm not sure about the results. I've been putting alot of time in on these (mainly as the blocking of blacks takes time due to lots of little areas of black in the backgrounds) and don't feel like the results match up to the hours put in.

Anyway, here's three pages, with me set to ink another tomorrow...


Tone said...

Looks tip top to me. Not much fun to draw by the looks, but love the nutty wig out on page 2.

You better submit it, or me & Rol will send the boys round. Cos this knocks socks off any other Oni artwork I've seen.

Rol said...

Looks pretty spectacleuh to me too... though as Tone points out, Oni normally employ people who draw by scratching their tippex-stained toenails on blackboards*, so who knows what they're after?

(Apart from Adrian Tomine. Was he published by Oni? He's rather good.)