Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Ooh, Medication That's What You Need

About a weak ago, I ran out of my medication and got some new ones yesterday...but found that I had a nice buzz yesterday, a slight woozy high. However, that blew into insomnia mixed with disturbed dreams when I could doze off, dizziness and extreme (read, violent) irritability today so a quick Wiki search reveals it's not a good idea to just stop the meds I'm on, even if it is by accident. Think I'll resume my course tomorrow as it's disturbing how swiftly I deteriorated without the gits.

The main result of my problem now seems to be apathy, I can't be arsed with next to anything. Above should be a pic of the girl in our office dressed as Hitgirl from Kick Ass, who she body doubled for (she had to decline body doubling for Chloe Moritz again for the new Martin Scorscese film due to work commitments). It may have earned me more free beer but it's a pretty ropey drawing I think and is the only thing I've really drawn (outside of office doodles) for months.
Talking of work, that continues to be a bugger and will no doubt get worse now my workmate has defected to another team in the office. Still, the two have us have managed to organise an office outing to see Iron Man 2, even if she did still belittle me for signing off my e-mail with "This e-mail was sponsored by Stark Industries"...

I've been filling my time with the odd bit of reading (managed to start and complete the Fables novel Peter and Max last weekend, which I quite enjoyed) and shouting at the TV for being full of rubbish. Heroes once used to be derivative but thrilling fun but now seems more lethargic than me, having absolutely zero ideas anymore. Lost is storming ahead to its finale with vigour and I quite like Matt Smith as the Doctor.

Tom Baker is my classic childhood Doctor, Peter Davison was the only Doctor whose entire run I managed to catch but David Tennant remains my favourite and probably the best Doctor. Matt Smith already has settled in well and I quite like his performance, although I think he falls a bit flat where it comes to the righteous indignation that Tennant pulled off so well and Ecclestone used as the only time to invoke real sincerity. Still, Karen Gillan is the most likable of the new companions and is quite fun, while I quite like the new Dalek redesign apart from the back section that sticks out awkwardly. The streamlining of the rest of the design looks great, even if the multicoloured designs do hark back to the slightly camp (smoke blowing!) daleks of the 60s Peter Cushing movies.

Comic wise, I'm picking up very little as there's very little of essential nature but I'm glad to see the return of the 12 characters at the climax of Blackest Night. Well, I don't see why they resurrected Osiris but not Tempest (seeing as they seem to be reviving the Aquafamily), Ralph & Sue, the Question, some of the JSA or Ted Kord (let's face it, everybody wants him back and if Max Lord is back, then that kinda cheapens Ted's needless death---and I suppose that Blue Beetle-shaped silhouette in the Justice League: Generation Lost cover art is probably Max) . Interesting development with Deadman though, bringing a new spin on the character after decades of being a c-lister at best.

As has been my habit recently, I'm off to watch some West Wing: what happened to Will? He started off being an unassuming character now is a complete git. He's like a fart in an elevator, just briefly popping up to piss off everybody off before buggering off and leaving everybody in a disgruntled mood...

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