Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Just finished reading The Art of Jaime Hernandez, which features tons of lovely artwork: even when drawing ugly people, Jaime's graceful line work somehow still imbues them with beauty. The heroine on the left was done pre-Love and Rockets and is beautifully drawn but nery naturalistic: the legs are shapely but not overlong, the unitard bites into the buttocks rather than looking airbrushed on and the breasts are not drawn as oversized bowling balls. With Maggie in her nightie, his uncluttered line makes for an attractive image despite the lack of overactive sexuality. His work inspired me to want to return to drawing again but I'm still at the point where concentrating too much makes me feel ill at the thought of it.

However, I'm off this week and have a few jobs to do for various folks: I roughed out a drawing of a building for a booklet cover today after completing the five logo designs above. Over the next few days, I hope to clear the few other art jobs and finally get around to responding to a few letters, before starting to read the new fourth collection of Jaime's Love and Rockets strips...

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