Friday, 3 September 2010

If I Was A Religious Zealot...

Now, if I WERE to believe in angels and demons or black magic, I'd be prett sure I'm bedevilled, cursed or both at the moment as over the past three weeks:

* My washing machine stopped heating, resulting in two visits from an engineer, two weeks of trudging to my sister's and back to do my washing and a wallet that was £100+ lighter.

* Bubblegum on a bus ruining my work trousers, incurring another £20+ being liberated from my account.

* The above expenditure was impacted further by shelling out £30 for a Spamalot ticket and again £100+ on utilities bills, meaning I've overreached my income this month and have had to borrow to get through as my online banking refused to accept my CORRECT details and has locked me out until I receive a new passcode.

* Finally thought things were getting back on track when a power cut seems to have blown my computer. I don't know if it's a memory, motherboard or on switch but it's more expense that could result in a 6-month loan to get a new system at a time when I don't know if I'll even be working in six months. What annoys me more is the loss of alot of stuff on the PC that I hadn't got around to backing up: art files, art from the net, personal pictures, music, Word and stuff.

(I'm not sure if I'd be able to retrieve any of those somehow: if I could just boot my system up once, I could retrieve everything!)

With only a few unread graphic novels and no online distractions, I'm forced to endure bloody awful weekend TV now so I'm just about expecting my head to drop off at any minute now...

PS Proving my point, the system at work was jamming me from saving this post, dammit!!

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