Sunday, 4 September 2011


Well, BICS was last weekend, quieter than normal but still fun. After nearly 2 hours, gave up waiting for Chris Sprouse as he only did four sketches in that time and I was feeling nauseous standing on the spot for so long. I trundled about and picked up a few bits but the real bargain was the Wolverhampton branch of FP, who were having a sale on the Sunday. As well as picking up two Euro albums and Bigg Timme for £4 each, I also picked up Skizz for the same price.

I've always wanted to try this but the art has always put me off but for £4, I gambled and picked up a winner. Alan Moore and Jim Baikie (who's art I soon warmed to here) crafted a solid "ET meets Boys From The Black Stuff in Birmingham" story that rolls along at a great pace. Unable to add as much complexity as his later work due to the four-page instalments, Moore still turns in an emotional level that helps make this book sing. If you've never read it, give it a go (and I rate it much higher than Halo Jones).

Wish I could say the same with my art...I've been pushed for time for the past two weeks and everything I try to do just comes out shit...I'll have to slow down and not try to rush through stuff so much, as the above work shows...

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