Saturday, 22 October 2011

Wonder Who This Is?

Few months ago, I reorganised my art files and considered an old pinup I did for the small press back in the 90s. I didn't mind it but for whatever reason, it didn't sit right with me: there was something about it that I just didn't like. A few years ago, I tweaked it and turned it into a pic of the Black Cat, which was possibly even worse than the original but whilst reorganising the art, I lightboxed the figure again and waited until I could think of a suitable character to turn the semi-pencilled figure into.

Then, along comes the new Teen Titans relaunch...I really like the Kid Flash design but the new Wonder Girl was perfect for the figure, as it was sleek, skintight and dark (ish). I eventually had to download #1 to get decent refs for the new Wonder Girl outfit only to discover that the design for the armoured bits is incredibly inconsistent, changing from panel to panel: at one point, her bracelet looks like a weird skull, at others barely ornate so I had to make up my own version of the armour in the end anyway.

So anyway, here's my new WG, not great but I think I've finally nailed that old pic now...

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