Monday, 30 April 2012

Post Avengers: Other Comic Movies I've Seen Recently

So the Avengers is the big superhero movie of the year, and I'm glad it kicks such arse...but how about a few other comic movies?

Jonah Hex came out a while back and word of mouth was so bad, I didn't bother seeing it (much as I probably won't the unwanted MIB3) and even at £5, wouldn't pick up the DVD...but gladly paid £1.50 via Amazon for it. It still wasn't worth the money.

I can't say why the film is such a failure...yes, there's some unnecessary supernatural talking to the dead crap slapped onto Hex, who appears to have pizza for a face...but the film doesn't outright stink. Well photographed, decent production values, uncalled for but interesting visual effects and a capable but forgettable cast...yet at even at 70 minutes, at no point does the film engage or interest the viewer. Hex should be incendiary to watch, this is lukewarm at best.

For a decent screen Hex, best watch the DC Showcase animated episode starring Thomas Jane on the Superman/Shazam animated DVD. Adapted from a Phil Noto-illustrated issue of Hex's last comic, the story is tight, tense, well animated and beautifully voiced: best screen Hex yet.

Unfortunately, much as I love the DC animated movies (far better than the generally lack lustre Marvel ones), I watched Justice League: Doom at the weekend and already struggle to remember much of it. Again adapted from a comic story where Batman's contingency plans against the JLA stolen and used by a bunch of villains, again it was fairly uninvolving. Decent character designs and the return of the Justice League animated TV cast (strangely, Michael Rosenbaum now voices Barry Allen, who's clearly wearing the Wally West Flash outfit) can't save a mundane, one note story that fails to sing at any point. The tribute feature to writer Dwayne MacDuffie is far more affecting and memorable.

 If you want to sample the Dc animated movies at their best, plump for Justice League: new Frontier, Green Lantern: First Flight or All Star Superman (Batman Year One is gorgeous to watch but rather slight)...

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