Tuesday, 3 July 2012

General Ramblings

So, outside of recent scribblings (thinking about doing a Tarzan for TAB but am a bit drawn out at the minute), here's a few other recent thoughts...

Movies: Prometheus was a bit of a mess wasn't it? Great ideas and themes but as a story, it fell apart and there was no attempt made at characterisation 9especially compared to Alien!). Did like how it wasn't the obvious prequel we all thought it was going to be though...

Also watched Attack The Block, something I avoided at the cinema as I thought it looked chavvy and unlikable. I heard good things though and gave it a go and within 15 minutes or so was really hooked i...the central characters were pretty unlikable but that added something to the tension. Despite being obviously hampered by the budget, the creatures were surprisingly unique and effective, the plot was gripping (with occasional barbs of social commentary) and overall the film was actually pretty entertaining...

TV: since being off work, I have had to navigate the shark-infested waters of daytime TV. While on in the background, I have to admit to Glee of all things winning me over a bit. Yeas, it's quite camp but I like the way it presents outsiders sympathetically, the songs mirror the themes of the episode (though I still hate most of them) and the cutting remarks. Todays episodes featured lines such as "Did you know dolphins are just gay sharks?" and "I spend my nights making out with my cat and watching Ghost Whisperer".

Overheard at the hospital recently:
Islamic zealot: "If you believe in Allah, you will go to paradise but ONLY if you believe. And you can never leave..."
Uninterested lady at his mercy "Ah, that's a nice of cup of tea..."

Finished The Wind Through The Keyhole, the latest Dark Tower novel by Stephen King (dedicated to the gang at Marvel). While not adding to the overall storyline, it's a nice detour that shows more of Roland's early days as a gunslinger and reveals more of the cultural standing of the gunslingers. Slight but rewarding, a nice fairy tale that adds flavour to the series.

Also managed to clear all my backlog of reading, except for 75 Years Of DC Comics. This monster is humongous and it was only when I cracked it open, I realised I had no idea how to read the thing when lifting it was such a bloody ordeal! I can understand why the manufactures issued a separate reading stand for it...I've instead taken to opening it using an armchair to support it, so it's not a comfortable read (and so far has revealed no new info but left out quite a lot of the unsavoury details, this is very much a sanitised history).

Also, I now love Sainsbury's Won Ton Soup but have developed my own surprisingly tasty homemade alternative (celery, mushrooms, spring onions and stock cubes go a long way!)

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