Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Worx In Progress

Planning on a fair bit of inking in my lunch breaks...a recent TAB thread has made me think about doodling favourite TV characters from my childhood but I started with a Luke Skywalker: Han Solo may be the cooler option but Luke was the main hero and had a bloody LIGHTSABRE! Until the prequels arrived with some proper lightsabre action, Luke was my favourite Star Wars character as a kid (followed by Boba Fett).

Here are also some other bits and bobs in various stages: Phyllis Spector figures to drop into my next batch of TMSAV pages (#4 was laborious with all the greytones but worked great for Phyllis, so will be keeping some of that greytone effect, though maybe not so much, something else with Rol, a business card caricature and a Frank Cho-inspired piece...I really like the old school illustrations he does whilst "breaking in new pens". I fancied a go so had to google something to get ref for the dress (have changed the head and feet but it's essentially an inking exercise so I wasn't too concerned about using refs). I'm not as good as him so this won't be as good (I'm figuring out where to lay the lines as I go along) but hopefully this could be a nice image...

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