Thursday, 22 August 2013

Memory Lane Epilogue


After I started my thread about my comic history, the magazine Back issue has twice inspired me to hunt out some back issues (Dr Fate and Legion of Substitute Heroes issues) while on facebook, people have been posting Bronze Age covers that have also fuelled my retro kick.

As a result, I have picked up a handful of key issues from my early childhood, not so much as a nostalgic link to my childhood but to go reconnect with that huge thrill comics brought to a young mind interested in drawing.

Above are covers of my recent acquisitions: just enough, I won't pick up any more  but these are the keys issues for me. I already had Jungle Action but I picked up Marvel Two-in-One featuring Stingray (again semi-inspired by Back Issue but also my first copy of the series, preceding its later reprinting in Rampage monthly). I was bequeathed a copy of Marvel Super Action (thanks, Tone!).

I tracked down those vividly remembered issues of the Six Million Dollar Man and Mighty World of Marvel. I picked up the first JLA/JSA crossover I ever had...much as I recalled my first real exposure to characters like Dr Fate, Power Girl and the Golden Age Green Lantern, I was surprised to see the original Hawkman wearing the metal helmet he had adopted in the 70s All Star Comics. I only ever recalled his cowl and when I first saw his helmet years later, that surprised me as I had never been aware of it before...though obviously I was, I had merely forgotten that fact.

However, the one thing that really blows my mind...I was really eager to get hold of that very first golden comic for me, that Justice League issue when I was off school ill. From timescales, i narrowed the issue down to a year and wracking my brains, kind of gravitated to a cover or two but nothing really screamed t me.

So, I posted on Facebook to ask if any Bronze Age aficionado could identify the issue...ALL I could remember was the heroes' heads in the cover banner, the Elongated Man catching the falling Atom from the sky in one panel (importantly I recalled a FENCE in the background!) and a certain ad that exposed me to treasuries of Captain Marvel, the Golden Age Flash and others.

Amazingly, within about 10 posts, not only had the issue been identified but that key panel posted. I was ecstatic...not jumping up and down all a' holler but y'know..the corner of my lips lifted in a half smirk. I found the issue for a couple of quid and when it arrived, to be DEFINITE it was that very same issue, not only did it feature that image...but the ad as well. I would have been less than 5 when I was given that issue.

All was well with the world and at last, I could finish where I very much started...


Rol said...

Cheers, Nige, I've really enjoyed reading this series, both for your memories (which mirrored a lot of my own collecting experiences) and the cover shots you chose which stirred plenty of nostalgia too.

Nige Lowrey said...

Could have gone into far more detail but was starting to flag a bit...given me the urge to do a pinup of my childhood fave Marvel characters once TMSAV is done (got 2 pages of another 5 pager to do first)...