Sunday, 20 October 2013

More Random Stuff

My return to sequential work should hopefully be only a fortnight away but things keep coming up to push my schedule back. Here's a sampling of stuff done recently.

I had to do three more pieces for work recently (besides the animation available here:  ) but I took the bride above from one of these, just cut the rest of the illo and added a new head.

I've also got a show coming up after much cajoling, nothing fancy but hanging in a gallery at my regular pub, the Belle Vue. Obviously, much of what I do is done on Photoshop so the exhibition will be mostly prints but I decided to create some new pieces more in keeping with the pub's rock music ambiance.
I'm also going to do a larger original pencil piece to show, started today and already I'm not sure if it's working. I'm mot using my usual pencils for shading, just my standard retractable pencilling pencil so I my need to start over with proper pencils.

I pencilled a Debbie Harry piece ready to ink and probably shade with copics but ended up quite liking the pencil version. As I still plan on inking it, I decided to start another Kristen Bell (just can't get her right!) in pencil but sod's law, it's all going wrong  and I'll have to start again...

The Hellcat is another "art save": I was requested to draw a celeb dressed as Hellcat but after I completed it, I shopped in the proper Hellcat head to keep an illo I can look at (I don't care for the celeb!). The Japanese pic was an image that come fully formed in my head whilst watching The Wolverine, the waitress is another art save that I'm going to drop into a new background (when I figure out what to do) and the other headshot is supposed to be Elizabeth Sladen, done some time a go for a Who montage that went horribly wrong when I shopped all the elements together (Rory came out well though)....

Anyways, that's what I've been doing lately...

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