Saturday, 12 July 2008

Oooh, me piles!

Well, apart from struggling to draw pages, trying to keep sane during the average working day and your usual every day chores, what comics do I actually read now? Well, for somebody interested in the medium, there's not much I actually follow on a regular basis now...

The sad fact is that with the increased revenue adulthood brings, this period in your life also robs you of the voracious appetite of your younger self. Comics are more expensive now, space is a consideration and finding time to read an issue once is enough of a hassle, let alone rereading them over and over like you did as a kid. Still, I still love the medium, a mix of art and words that has its own strengths and weaknesses. So what WAS in this month's comic parcel (always a mixed bag!)

Well, quite a hefty month this one, so in addition to the regular Wizard, Previews and Marvel Previews combo, I received only the following issues:

Clan Destine #5 (completing the Alan Davis sequel to the original 90s series)
Hellboy: The Crooked man #1: It's not Mignola but I'll still pick up any Hellboy (but have had to shy away from some interesting spin offs like BPRD and Lobster Johnson as the art was pretty nasty...)
Number of the Beast #5 & 6: solely for the Chris Sprouse artwork
Dark Tower: Long Road Home #5 & End-World Almanac: think I'll just get the collections in future.

The rest of the pile was mainly collections:

Y The Last Man Vol 10: The final one, I'm not flicking ahead to the end as I want this to be a surprise like Preacher and Starman were
Astonishing X-Men Vol 4: Whedon's last issues and Cassaday's already working on the final issue of Planetary at last.
Walking Dead Volume 8: Talky but good
The Sword #1: I like the Luna Bros' stuff so far (even though I still have no bloody idea what Girls was all about).
Jack of Fables Vol 3: Not as great as the home title but still enjoyable.
Coraline: A surprisingly thick (186 pages for an OGN) P Craig Russell showcase.

And finally Titans Companion 2, as I enjoyed the first one so much.

And I've still got a few other books on the go and the Suburban Glamour collection to read (which I'm avoiding until I finish these clean line samples as it'll possibly influence or intimidate me!)...

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