Monday, 4 August 2008

Back Issue 29 Out Now

Well, it seems like ages since I was first offered the chance to write a history of Captain Britain (and it was--around a year ago!), but Back Issue #29 is now out featuring said article. Due to airmail lags, my comp copies have yet to arrive and my ordered copy (for I have been buying it since #1) isn't due for a while yet either, I decided to download the PDF version from the Twomorrows website, just out of curiosity.

I was quite surprised to find mine was the joint longest feature in terms of page count so it's quite a heft, and the PDF has the added bonus of colour graphics. I've not read the mag via PDF as I prefer something in my hands (oo-er, missus!) but it looks like there's gonna be plenty in there to appeal to this former X-fan. My article looks great apart from a gimpy googly-eyed self portrait that in retrospect was a bad idea and I should have dug out some photos somewhere.

Had a great time writing this and editor Michael Eury was really great to work, never shy about guiding the article along but always leaving enough room to make the necessary changes myself. A subsequent article on Rick Jones got cut out of the upcoming teen issue (with a great Perez New Teen Titans cover, another favourite comic of mine as a kid) but I'm set to start on a new feature about Magneto's turn to heroism in the 80s. This is another cool assignment for me, only I've realised two things:

1. This is another interruption when I'm trying to get some samples done for BrumCon, d'oh!

2. After reading through my X-Men back issues, I discovered that there are considerable gaps in my collection I've read but no longer have (New Mutants, Secret Wars, Vision & Scarlet Witch and X-Men vs Avengers, I'm looking at you!) so research may be a bit of a bugger!

Anyway, I'm off to watch Family Guy soon (with the mute button during the title sequence)....


Rol said...

Ordered my copy - thank heavens for Paypal!

Nige Lowrey said...

Cheers for the support as I know you're not an X-fan...also seems to be a large Byrne presence, which you'd expect in a 70s/80s X-Men themed issue!

Rol said...

Well, I'm a Cap. B fan - I've got new respect for the Claremont/Byrne issues after re-reading the pocket books... and I like the book now that Claremont doesn't have anything to do with anymore. ;-) (Though I can do without Mike Carey dragging up loads of obscure Claremont characters and just assuming the readers know who they are and everything about them.)