Saturday, 16 August 2008

Productive Day

In addition to most of the work on the post below, I also had to tinker with three pics for somebody else today but managed to actually layout (I didn't do full pencils other than the main figure and wolf head) and ink that Zenecope cover. While it doesn't have the Image-style plastic beauty that alot of their covers do (though I like their frog prince cover), I'm fairly happy with it. It's not great but is OK---I quite liked how Red Riding Hood turned out but think really the pose I put her in wasn't right for the skirt...the figure was sketched out first to ensure proportions was as accurate as possible but when I placed the shirt over, it lost much of the structure.

Still, I'll bung it in with the submission package anyway!

I'd meant to start working out the new Back Issue article today but never had the time---tomorrow will find me either working on that or Marvel samples.


Tone said...

That'sa lovely. You are the king of stipple. Is that Marv lurking in the background? ;)

Just had a quick sight of Zenescope's website, and jeezus, it's like 1992 all over again. Dunno why'd bother with these artistically challenged smut peddlers...

Nige Lowrey said...

Because their stuff looks terrible so I might stand a better chance than a higher end publisher.

Put it this way, I flicked through their collection for literally fove seconds then put it back and it made such a week impression, I can't remember if thestories were old fairy tales made "sexy" or old fairy tales retold in modern times, hence a cover sample instead of interior!

Rol said...

That's an excellent pic - kinda goes against your moved towards a less detailed, faster-to-draw style though - it must have taken ages!

Nige Lowrey said...

It did take ages but I adopted a technique I ued in The Jock #2 as I liked the effect because it creates a sense of depth by sing varying lineweights.

The main figure is still fairly cleanline, unfortuantely, bark, grass and hairy wolfmen all requires some degree of fiddly lines for texture!