Thursday, 4 September 2008

My Life In Music

Lots of threads going around with folks listing their favourite albums from the years of their lives. All very interesting and something I'd be interested in doing...except I'm not really an album person. I love music of all kinds but I tend not to like artists enough to buy a single album, let alone many. Many bands or artists were great at one time but after awhile, each new track is just more of the same and not very interesting as a result (REM, I'm looking at you). I can't count the amount of times I bought a CD because I liked the single and hated the rest of the album so generally I steer clear of them now. I'd sooner buy a soundtrack or compilation as I know what I'm getting then.

Notable exceptions to this rule are Sheryl Crow and the B-52s, both of whom I love but still find fresh with each album (despite the latter having a very definite "sound"). (BTW, still pissed off I couldn't get to see the B-52s, the second time I've missed them!). However, to prove my general point, I was enjoying the BBC Monkey idents for the Olympics. I enjoy the Gorillaz, love the Monkey legend ("Aaah, Tripitaka, it hurts, it huuuuurts!!") and love Chinese language, music and design so the new Monkey Journey to the West Cd was bound to be a winner, right?

Wrong. As wrong as white socks with sandals . It was terrible, although the BBC music I like did turn up--right at the very bloody end.

That's why I rarely buy albums...but I am considering the Ben Folds/William Shatner album. I have a copy but would like the original (but as I have a copy, only a CHEAP original!). I adore that album, I really do, it's probably one of my favourites.

I binned tons of CDs and now have tons of my own burned CDs made using the tracks I saved. While I traditionally like rockier stuff, my collection features rock, pop trash, country, hip hop, dance, acoustic and probably most kinds of music, except jazz.

I detest jazz! This isn't an exaggeration but as a kid, just hearing jazz would literally make me feel nauseous. I'd feel like I'd just swallowed a pan of cooking oil and would get sweaty and swoony until the music stopped (no other music made me feel as loony as that or affected me in other ways). I still remember when Cheers was first airing on C4 on Friday nights in the 80s, some crap sitcom with Patricia Hayes as a tramp called The Lady Is A Tramp or something used that song as the title sequence, and I had to leave the room when it played.

There's probably some weird complex there but damned if I know what it is.

So that's why there's no My Life In Music from me...but maybe one day there'll be a Tracks Of My Years...

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Tone said...

I guess I struggle to understand that single buying way of thinking, coming from the opposite extreme, which is being fanatical about just a few dozen artists. But yeah, everyone hates jazz, even Johnny.