Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Going Batty

Yeah, I know I said I was gonna kick back and not do any more samples but there was a small part of me that wanted to include some pinup type thing that was inked, preferably featuring a DC character as it's mainly DC staff who will be attending the Birmingham show this weekend and other than the Jock pages, my samples are all Marvel.

After two aborted Nightwing attempts (didn't leave myself enough room to do the right arm properly in the first one and the second just didn't feel right), I settled on another character from the Bat stable, Batwoman. It was originally going to be Black Canary but I couldn't come up with a decent action pose so I quickly rejected the Huntress (couldn't be bothered to research the outfit) and went to Batwoman instead. I always liked the Batgirl costume and this is essentially just a recoloured version with a new mask.

It's not great but it's ok, dunno if I'll actually take it or not...


Rol said...

Take it!

Tone said...


Yeah, the Batbird is nice. Nightwing looks worringly like Cable on that first sketch, and seems to be doing the Riverdance with Robin on the second.