Thursday, 11 September 2008

Oooh, me piles! (again)

Well, having just completed my first new sample page tonight (which I probably won't use due to a crappy last panel, despite a lot of tweaking for one character's pose---and above's the tweaked version of the panel posted earlier), I've decided to relax a bit before getting cracking at the weekend.

My latest advance order arrived yesterday and was thankfully fairly light: Wizard (which is getting less ans less interesting as it goes more mainstream), Hellboy, Jonah Hex and three other issues were about it other than the COLOSSAL Frank Frazetta comic art book. I still have the books on Kirby and Ditko to get started on, as well as ones on John Romita, Blue Beetle and the Flash. Picked up Spider-Man: Icon from the Works for a fiver but also still have a Ranson Judge Anderson collection, the second Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane hardcover and Suburban Glamour, which I got months ago but didn't want to read at the time as I didn't want to consciously nick its style when attempting a clean line style.

Recently completed the Titans Companion 2, which made me pick up the final season of the Teen Titans show on DVD (why the final and not the first? Cos the last season's got tons of cool guest stars like Kid Flash and the Doom Patrol!), Superman and the Legion of Superheroes (which was really cool, despite Gary Frank's art becoming a bit cluttered with lines nowadays)and Joss Whedon's Runaways collection, which is EXCELLENT (why can't his Buffy comics be as great as his Marvel stuff?) and am nearing the end of Mike Mignola's novel Baltimore.

Right, I'm off to make dinner and choose what book, issue or DVD to enjoy!

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