Saturday, 15 November 2008

Rainbow Black

Well, to mirror the last post, here's the White Tiger's inspiration, the Black Panther. I was torn between drawing the panther or Black Bolt, both favourites as a child, but went with T'Challa as I pencilled a Black Bolt that just didn't work. Like Daredevil, the Panther's stuck with a fairly bland mono-coloured outfit but it works and he looks pretty cool. I always liked John Buscema's incarnation back in the late 60s Avengers issues.

Spent most of the rest of the day colouring another pic, which is nowhere near as good as I'd hoped. I think the black and white version is better but once I eradicate some black lines from the completed version tomorrow (cos I've had enough today!), I'll post it up here---maybe with another recent aborted drawing, the start of a second version of the cover to Pjang #2 (which I'll probably post after it's printed up).

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