Thursday, 22 January 2009

Random Roundup Reasons

When i first started this blog, I didn't want it to become "just" a comics-related blog, but by and large that's what it's become. The reason for this is that I first avoided doing a blog as I never thought I'd have anything to say but slowly reading and posting on mates' blogs insidiously placed the notion in my head. After starting the blog, I slowly realised my first instincts were correct and that the blog became comics (and movie/pop-culture) based. Even though this has got me identified by name as a source on Wikipedia, I still don't blog about much else because, well, who's really interested in the minutiae of a fairly bog standard life?

I could write about my job, which has been an absolute bitch this year--despite being a lot more confident then I was a year ago as a medical problem has been addressed and I'm far more alert now, I know people have been sacked for bitching about their jobs online and I usually websurf during my lunch break and have to be careful what I do due to Big Brother (or Little Bureaucrat, to be honest) -- but there's not much humour to be wrung from the experiences so who'd be interested in a long whinge?

Or, I could write about my ordeals on the buses, which have seen me changing bus trips to avoid a specific bunch of gobby schoolgirls first thing in the morning when I'm still half asleep ("Fucking hell, yeah, I told her she was bloody shit, yeah, 'cos she was talking out of her fucking arse, innit?") and an overfilled trip home---I have issues with personal space and even though the trip is only ten minutes or so, I'm quite panicky by the end as I've been boxed in by a mass of strangers. I could go into my neuroses regarding people around me, but while it may be cathartic, would it be entertaining to read?

I was going to ask if everybody's keeping to their New Year resolutions but as I find I'm sticking to mine (well, quite often if not actually the 100% I should be!) by keeping them to myself (keeping them quiet gives an added sense of fun as it's kinda like a secret only I know--or care, to be honest--about), I can't really discuss mine (except my main resolution is to get more art done this year, so far doing well with that one!).

I was going to nick a thread from Newsarama or somewhere about posting embarrassing comic-based facts about yourself but outside of buying Liefeld comics in the past and the multitude of comic-related books and DVDs I own (which may still surface a s a post someday), I couldn't think of many more items to fill a list.

Hence, the random roundups...little nuggets that occur to me that are interesting but wouldn't necessarily support a whole post get bunched together as a single post instead. I have another post ready to go up probably the first week of February but there's things that need to happen first.

In the meantime, I'll be reading 500 Manga Heroes and Villains (only picked up as it was dirt cheap from the Works) before going on to either the Hawkman Companion or that Dave Stevens book that arrived this month---normally I let these deluxe items sit in their polywrap for ages until I get round to reading them (I find the pristine product oddly non-sexually sensual, and quite often I'll run my hand over the paper as I'm reading as I enjoy the tactile contact) but after that faux leather slipcase with the gold stamped art deco-style Rocketeer headshot staring at me all evening, I folded like a junkie on crack and ripped the bugger open to have a preliminary perusal through the actual book. Despite a rather bland dust jacket, the book within is crammed with great art so I'm looking forward to this tribute to a sadly missed artist.

Right now though, it's back to the mill for me as housing allocations beckon my way...


Tone said...

Speaking as someone who's also hit the blogger blues lately, there's no blogging police. Write about whatever tickles your fancy, and there's no one more qualified in the fields of comics and pop culture than Nigel Knows. The only reason I don't always respond is you tend to write about 50 things at once, and by the time I've reached the end of a post I find I've forgotten what I was going to comment on.

Polywrap fetish eh? Could be worse, could be bubblewrap.

Rol said...

Or binbags.