Monday, 26 January 2009

Toilet Inspections

Well, no sooner do I post that I'm fairly resistant to bugs, do I come down with a real nasty bugger. My sister called me yesterday to see if I could go round to help with an iPod (so no artwork was started) but I had to stagger home as I was feeling rundown, exactly like if I'd been on the lash. Needless to say, I ended up visiting the toilet a lot and was in bed by 9.30. I couldn't even do my ironing or prepare my salad for work, but as I was extremely tired but bizarrely agitated(couldn't stay in one position for even a minute all night), I had to call in to work and say I couldn't make it today.
And then I visited the toilet in a reenactment of a scene from Team America. I sloped off to bed, but I got up about 11.00 and lay on the sofa...daytime TV's pretty awful but I managed to concentrate enough to watch the Christopher Reeve remake of Rear Window, which is actually not bad.
At the moment, I'm still achy and my eyes are sore but if I don't try and be a bit active, I still won't sleep tonight, hence a quick whizz around the net. I recently deleted about five posts from the blogs that had particularly bad art and I think I may have deleted some stuff about Frank Frazetta too. Flicking through the Dave Stevens book made me check something in the Frazetta book, and again I was completely seduced by his artwork, the strongest of which is his romance work. The compositions and anatomical knowledge are superb and the story just flows with effortless grace. I particularly like the first panel/page, the figure from the first panel and the last panel of page 3 and the third panel of page 4.
Right, I'm REALLY achy right now so I'm of to lie down again for a bit...

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Rol said...

Hope you're feeling better now, mate.