Monday, 9 March 2009

Back Into The Swing

Well, this weekend saw me getting back into the swing of drawing again after a break during that nasty bug. Between 10.00 and 4.00, I'd pencilled two pages and managed to crack the pose I'd been tackling for awhile---third time seems to be the charm. I decided to use the pose for 70s style Ms Marvel and while the figure is not much bigger than I usually draw (these were meant to be exercises in drawing larger scale) and I'm still not sure about all the proportions, I'm fairly happy with the line art. (This isn't finished, just thought I'd colour the line art for this post, I'll pencil shade and colour this as with Supergirl). I was going to put Warbird and/or Captain Marvel in as a backdrop but I'll have to see.

Had a break from drawing yesterday while I got round to catching up on a few chores (and watching a bunch of Lost Season 4 episodes!) but inked three quarters of a page today: two panels to ink tomorrow and that's another one done. However, I cocked up the final panel pretty badly in the inks (I made a change that I should have pencilled first) so I'll lightbox it to correct it as much as I can. Hopefully I'll have this strip completed by the end of next week and then it's on to the samples at long last.

However...with the state of the industry tightening up and more artists clamouring for work, it'll be even harder to break in. I'm starting to doubt if I should still focus my energies on samples instead of self publishing something of my own, or maybe submit samples to 2000AD, something I don't feel I'm really suitable for...


Tone said...

Cool Ms Marvel, very minimalist line for you so far. Not sure about that back leg, but that's a tricky thing to get right. Looking forward to the pencil shaded version.

Still think US indies are your best bet rather than Tharg, but it's always worth a go. Try companies like IDW and Avatar, I know the latter accept e-mail submissions.

Nige Lowrey said...

Yeah, I'm kinda "hmmm...." about the arms and legs matching too, but I had that with the earlier unfinished attempts (I only tried again as you said it was abetter pose than the recent Supergirl)and I think this is better overall.

Not much detail, hence the clean linework but I've just realised that really I should have left the black areas of the costume unblocked so I could have done that in the shading instead, d'oh!!