Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Whoops, schedule's thrown out!

Okay, I had planned to get another page of inks done tonight and tomorrow and pencil two pages over the weekend, which I would ink next week, thus completing Lonely Boy. However, it's my mum's birthday next week and I decided to get her some tickets for a local music show but had to get the tickets to her TONIGHT due to my plans, her plans and the required time frame. Hence, no inking tonight (maybe catch up still at the weekend) but no great disaster. (Things like these often derail my drawing time but are so minor in real terms, it's not worth mentioning).

Anyway, just thought I'd post a panel from the latest page---this is the best of the page so the quality won't get much better, but I did use a brushpen for some of the waves so give me that at least!

Just read that Smallville's been renewed for a 9th season with all the current major cast set to return, although apparently two characters are set to die in this season's finale, one a longtime character and one not---Lana and Doomsday? The latter was actually quite impressive last night, a hell of a lot better executed than expected, even draped in shadows. This season shows how dull Gough and Millar were as the show has a whole new lease of life (although it's never the most essential thing on TV), despite the loss of Lex. Even Lana's not so whiney and coma-inducing now, plus Lois was back at last and that's always a plus for me. Apparently either the JLA or LSH are set for a fairly big return too. In the mean time, here's another pic of Zatanna, cos why not?

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