Saturday, 27 November 2010

You Can Ring My Bell

Curse the freezing cold snap! I've been busy drawing away this week but can only do it until I lose the sensation in my fingers due to the biting cold that seeps through my windows.

As a result, I managed to do one commission this morning after finishing other bits (which will feature in my next posts) and went on to try and do a decent Kristin Bell again (I think I lucked out with my Hayden Panetierre likeness as I can't seem to nail Bell right). I think I managed a decent headshot of her then realised it was a weird size that made getting a whole figure on the page difficult. Stumped for ideas, I dug out reference from years ago and found a Gillian Anderson pic that fitted with the headshot and space I needed, so I shamelessly lifted it!

It got too cold for me to finish it up, but things are looking hopeful at this stage, just hope I don't cock it up!

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