Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Thor Point

Just been to see Thor, so how does it hold up? Spoiler-free details below...(and BTW, saw it with NO adverts but trailers for X-Men and an extended Captain America trailer explicitly featuring Howard Stark)...

There's not too much to stimulate the brain as it's a fairly straightforward story but thankfully the characters and acting, even Hemsworth, carry the film along. The film is less of a hero vs villain piece and more a faltering step for Thor towards herohood. While there is some flirting with Jane Foster, the real meat of the story lies in the relationship between Thor, Odin and Loki.

I can see why Branagh was approached as he manages to squeeze Shakespearean style acting while keeping it accessible to the average moviegoer. How does he handle the battles and effects?

Well, firstly, DON'T waste any money on the 3D version: its a poor conversion and really only the scenes set on Bifrost really pop, most of the time you can't really notice the 3D. Having said that, Marvel have been holding back: I hadn't expected the film to be so spectacular. Most of the film is set in or around Asgard, which is stunning. The battles are savage, the Destroyer is incredible and the effects are overall stunning.

Once again, sit through the end credits for another secret scene that sets up the next Marvel movie. I predict it will follow the comics template of Loki manipulating the Hulk, thus effecting the creation of the Avengers, but we shall see.

Finally, what I didn't like and what I did:

Would have liked to have seen Balder
Thor's helmet is only in one scene! C'mon, that's an iconic part of his ensemble!

The first time Thor spun his hammer made me grin
When Thor is reunited with Mjolnir after being separated leads to a great hero moment
Stan Lee's cameo (and did I glimpse Walt Simonson at the end?)
Ooh, introduction of one of the Avengers!
A handful of Marvel references
The Destroyer kicks WAY more arse than in the comic
The Odinsleep: every other 70s issue of Thor seemed to end with everyone stressing as Odin had a nap so I liked the inclusion

Roll on Captain America....


Rol said...

Cool - seeing it tonight... and I always intended to watch it in 2D, so I'm glad to hear there's nothing worthy the extra money.

Nige Lowrey said...

I almost had another "Didn't like" but the post-credit sequence just pulled it out the hat!

Be interested to see what you think: what did you think of Sucker Punch?

Rol said...

Never got round to seeing Sucker Punch, sadly.