Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Drawn Out

I was hoping to get to some comic drawing this week as I booked 5 days off...but after a slight hiccup at the hospital, I had to be careful with my head position for a few days (three nights of little sleep as a result has done nothing for my disposition either!)

Still, managed to tidy up computer art files somewhat and catch up on some reading and wotnot so here's a pic coloured this week but drawn a while back: I recently did 20 complete pieces for an art project at work, most of which was fun but the last piece was one of my most hated subjects to draw, a building and a SPECIFIC building too. Following two failed starts, i drew this to get back into my groove...seemed to work so finished it off while recuperating.

Feeling OK now so maybe I'll get around to doing two blog pieces this week, if I don't run screaming out of the house with cabin fever!

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