Tuesday, 16 October 2012

To Gatcha Thief

As a (nostalgic) fan of Battle of the Planets 9still love those costume designs), I was really looking forward to the upcoming CGI Gatchaman (the original Japanese name for the show, actually it was Science Ninja Gatchaman) only to read it was scuttled a while back as the studio had financial difficulties. Boo!

And then I read that the live action Gatchaman has started filming this week! Yay! Yes, it's Japanese so dunno if it will ever make it over here but if it's anything as good as the recent live action Battleship Yamato movie looks, this will be ace (pardon the Eagle Riders reference).

Anyway, I was perusing ebay recently for Gatchaman stuff and came across a doll of Princess in black rubber. I don't know if it's just a variant look or an evil counterpart but I liked the look so tweaked a recent Princess pic to feature the alternate colours and skirt...maybe one day I'll add the glossy highlights but thought the black will do for now.

Also below, some other gubbins...

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