Friday, 29 February 2008

AH! Are they blind?!!

Adam Hughes just made one of his very infrequent posts on his Yahoo group, apologising for the way his new Serenity cover turned out despite his slaving away on it for ages. Apparently, a few folk on various boards have expressed their disatisfaction with it. Subjective taste aside, are they blind?

While I do miss Hughes' lush painted covers, I also feel he's probably the best artist creating computer-coloured covers and this one is pretty excellent. Look at Wash and Zoe, those likenesses are superb and the characters are not the bland cookie cutter figures often seen within licensed comics (original Buffy run and Angel, I'm looking at you here...).

I think it's a shame to have to apologise for such a superb piece of work...


Rol Hirst said...

Looks pretty good to me.

kelvingreen said...

I can see why some people might complain. The bloke from A Knight's Tale looks like his face was just Photoshopped in, and the way his hand is holding wossername's hand is just off. And the cigars, particularly the preacher's, look like they were added on afterwards.

But that's just me being picky. It's still a great bit of work.