Thursday, 7 February 2008


To illustrate how dismal the local bus service is, I finished an hour and a quarter early today, saw a film at the cinema, walked home and STILL got in 15 minutes earlier than I normally do!

Anyway, after a few good trailers (Hellboy 2 and Jumper)--and one bad (Rambo)--I watched Cloverfield. Still don't know what the title means, unless its a connection to Central Park (unfortunately, I saw no hulking great monsters on my visits there). Anyway, I actually quite enjoyed the movie, after initially bristling against the camcorder device as pioneered by the tedious and atrocious Blair Witch Project.

After a jarring start (visually similar actors confused me a bit to begin with--although the two main actresses were both very cute!), the film becomes quite gripping, focussing on a small group of friends amidst the chaos rather than the traditional heroes vs monster. The monster itself is sparingly but effectively deployed.

As a result of getting home so early, I still managed to get some artwork done but after realising my nibs were flattening out and not giving the results I wanted, so I switched to inking some of the figures for Rol's PJANG cover. Using a larger point nib, I'm trying the clean line approach here (at least for the figures) and so far I'm happy with this illo at least. I can see a nice Steve Rude similarity in the face of the git on the left and this work in progress reminds me of spot illos I did for various zines back in the 90s, so hopefully I can learn to think that way in my drawing again...


Rol Hirst said...

Looking good... better not show it to Tone considering his week!

kelvingreen said...

I think "Cloverfield" refers to the code name the military give the monster, although given the "alernate reality" silliness surrounding the film, the name's probably not in the film, but on some faux-military website somewhere.