Friday, 27 February 2009

Building To An Anticlimax

Well, following on from the last post, I completed the Supergirl pic this morning, completing the final building whilst the gas men installed something somewhere in my kitchen (actually, I realise I don't even know what! And I've missed the paper recycling collection, d'oh!!). As expected, I hate the backdrop (I should have done a much closer shot of the buildings) so I'm abandoning plans to pencil shade and then colour this piece--although I will still shade and colour the Supergirl pic as I quite like that.

Also above is a complete Lonely Boy page, the weakest of the three completed so far I think. I'm gonna hopefully rectify two problem panels this afternoon and then proceed to return to this throughout next week. I think I've also cracked the problems of another piece I abandoned a while back, so will possibly return to that soon (and it'll possibly turn into a Ms Marvel piece unless I can think of more suitable candidates). With Giffen, DeMatteis and Maguire reunited on a monthly basis, Watchmen and Wolverine around the corner at the cinema and the third Aldebaran collection now only three months away, plenty for me to do and look forward to at the minute!


Rol said...

Well, the Lonely Boy looks great to me. I can see what you mean that it's closer to your traditional style than the clean line stuff you were trying with the MJ pages, but it still looks bloody good.

dave said...

I think you need to go a step further in your quest for a more clear line style and cut a lot of the rendering out. You've been looking at the Jamies Hernandez and McKelvie but think you should look again as you've just too much going on in there to get what you're trying to achieve. Saying that, it's damn good stuff, if in need of a little more variation of line. I think if you look at Tony's strip in PJANG #1 he gets closer to Hernandez while mainting his own style. Saying that I'd rather just black things in than render half the time.

Tone said...

Think there's a difference between what the three of us would class as clean line. With Rude & Hernandez it's more than just cutting out the feathering Nige, it's about using the minimum amount of lines necessary. Regardless, Lonely Boy looks ace in classic Nige style.

Cheers Dave, although I wasn't conciously attempting any clean line thing with PJANG #1. For a change of pace in my new PJANG strip I've gone completely the opposite way, all loose shadowy brushwork. Not really sure if it's going to work yet.