Thursday, 19 February 2009

Got The Lurgy

Isn't it amazing how most illnesses slowly creep up on you but you can literally the progression of a nasty cold as it infiltrates and spreads throughout your body? One such nasty bug hit me so I'm off work recuperating with plenty of Halls' lozenges and cough medicine. I actually feel alot better today but still burst into hacking coughs when I try to speak (when I sound like a robot anyway).

Normally I'd jump at a legitimate chance for time off work but now is rather inconvenient as there are job losses and major internal restructurings happening, we're bogged under as it is and yet as well as an important team meeting about further impending changes that I'll now miss tomorrow, I've also been selected as a member of an audit commission focus group next week.

I thought I'd be able to use the time off work to catch up on some art (should have done two pages last week but gone done due to various interruptions) but I found I could barely move yesterday. I wanted to veg out under a duvet in front of the TV but found it's so atrocious (if I was paranoid, I'd suggest that this was a deliberate effort by The Powers That Be to drive people out of the house and out to be more constructive), I ended up reading the latest Back Issue (interesting articles on the creation of Who's Who and the Marvel Universe Handbooks) and Walking Dead collection instead.

I actually feel a bit better today so tried to ink the half-panel left from a page started this week. I did manage to do so, thus completing the page, but only after a few disasters: with no warning, a drop or two of completely clear liquid dropped from my nose onto the page. The main artwork remained intact thankfully as the Pilots I use must have water-resistant ink but unfortunately the cheap Berols and Pen Tels I've been using to rule lines have no such quality of ink, resulting in a few nasty blots. Thanks to the miracle of Tippex I've managed to save the art somewhat so that copies should be mostly ok but some parts of the original like like the lunar surface!

After Blithe Spirit finishes on Film Four shortly, I shall then settle down with a tube of bog roll and a hot drink to start the first Love and Rockets collection...


Tone said...

I sympathise dude, spent half of yesterday in bed with some 24 hour bug. I'm almost vertical today tho.

Nice to see you 'signing' your work once more, this time with nose juice.

Settle down with a tube of bog roll and a Love and Rockets collection? Dirty boy!

Nige Lowrey said...

Hope you're feeling better now as well. I'm generally less coughy/snotty but feel more run down I wouldn't even have the energy for your impudent suggestion!! : (