Saturday, 7 February 2009

Snow Business Like No Business: Special Edition

Just a quick post as I'm just whacking up the last stuff for a while probably as I knuckle down to do Rol's 8-pager. It's not as smooth looking as those MJ pages but so far is still pretty clean line and going not too bad, with the first page inked and me pencilling a page and a bit today. I could have completed the second page but I was unhappy with the first as the panels aren't as good as I would have liked so I gave up rather than work while something was bugging me. I'll leave the first page and then return to it and hopefully whatever is screaming out to me will become apparent.

Anyway, posted above are the coloured versions of Kristen Bell and the Golden Eagle, the inked version of the Pjang panel and pencils for something else I abandoned recently. I wanted to practice working "full size" (A3) and draw a larger figure. This kind of turned into Power Girl but I doubt I'll ever finish it..the head, arms and chest are fine, but I just can't crack the rest of the figure to make it flow correctly.

Seeing as Saturday night TV is so crap, it's either a DVD or IR$ Volume 2 tonight...

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