Sunday, 3 October 2010

Comics On Film And Television Is Here!

Tone and (IIRC) Rol have been using Fallen Angel for printing recently so I thought it was about time to dust off my old book proposal regarding filmed adaptations of comics. I added a quick post script as the book was completed two years ago now and updating it properly would have taken ages but a proof copy indicated I had to renumber the contents page and make a few quick chops.

I ordered 10 copies, enough for me and a few friends who may be interested and with three copies left over, the plan is to see if they get any interest at BICS. Interesting, I've been asked if I want to do some talks or Q & A sessions at two comic Expos as a result and I've only handed one copy out so far!

It feels good just to be able to put this to rest now as my creative juices have slowly been boiling again and I have the desire to take my time and do a self contained graphic novel: I've got a number of ideas and I'm conscious that I owe plenty of art to other projects yet, but other than an upcoming cover and some cartoony pieces, I think this may be the next thing I start.

My PC went kaput recently and I thankfully managed to retrieve all my art from the old hard drive, most of which I don't actually like so I think I want to take my time and start percolating some ideas as "proper" drawing is still too much of a drain for me at the minute, although I'm looking forward to doing a cover next week...

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