Friday, 8 October 2010

Jeremy Kyle: What A See You Next Tuesday

At lunch time at work, I was checking my e-mails and saw the news story that Jeremy Kyle had been attacked by a guest. As a rabid hater of the moron-baiting Kyle, I immediately clicked on the video clip (thankfully I have no sound at work) and was a bit disappointed to find some chimp-faced chav not whacking Kyle but throwing an envelope at his head, eliciting a huddle of security guards around the guest (presumably to protect Kyle from the menance of a papercut) while Kyle steps forward to berate the guest as "immature" (according to the artcicle).


Watch that clip again. Yes, the chav chucks the envelope at Kyle: but only after Kyle slams the envelope into the guest's lap! So, not only is Kyle hypocritical as he condemns his guest for retaliating in a like manner but it proves his bullying ways. Acting in a hostile way to his subliterate guest before restraining and taunting him while protected all the time by a bunch of underworld bouncers.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Jeremy Kyle must die.

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